Attitude of GRATITUDE with Chronic Pain
Attitude of GRATITUDE with Chronic Pain
Lauren Blanchard Zalewski

Welcome to Attitude of GRATITUDE with Chronic Pain

A haven of hope for chronic thrivers who want to love their lives more than they hate their pain!

About Me

Hi!  My name is Lauren Blanchard Zalewski (otherwise known as the "GRATITUDE Addict!"  I have lived with chronic pain and illness for over 20 years, and after hitting a deep emotional and physical rock bottom in 2013, I have since made it my life's work and passion to help others living with chronic conditions to utilize the power of GRATITUDE to improve their overall wellbeing.

I'm NOT talking about "looking on the bright side" or simply reminding yourself that others are worse off than you- I think that is unfair and not at all helpful.  I am talking about incorporating a regular GRATITUDE practice while connecting with others.  I believe that the recipe for the secret sauce of joy and hope while living with chronic pain and illness is by mixing the two ingredients of GRATITUDE and CONNECTION.

I founded the Facebook community, "Attitude of GRATITUDE with Chronic Pain," built on that recipe, and today we have over 10,000 members who set aside the complaining in order to connect in a positive and solution-based environment.  It long as you are willing to pivot to a new way of thinking and set aside any doubts about GRATITUDE being nothing more than the buzzword of the moment.

I created this space on Mighty Networks to emulate the elements of what we do in the Facebook group and take it next level in order to provide us with even more emotional healing through vulnerability, connection, and GRATITUDE.  I have helped thousands of others who live with chronic conditions to find their smiles again, and I have been told by many that our group has improved the quality of their life-there is no bigger compliment to me.

While I have authored books and been a part of many other projects and events, it is the "work" I do by connecting others through the practice of GRATITUDE that is my true passion.  This new space on Mighty Networks will provide chronic thrivers with a space to be more open and vulnerable than we are in the Facebook group while taking part in optional special events, workshops, live events, and more.

I am the "GRATITUDE Addict," but what I am truly "addicted" to is seeing other people living with chronic pain and illness find their spark again.  I am committed to sharing my experience with others in order to help them find light and love again.....we are a space of HOPE.

Why You Should Join Me

We are the only community for those living with chronic pain and illness that puts a heavy emphasis on loving our lives more than hating our pain by incorporating a regular GRATITUDE practice into our lives.

Our Facebook community was founded in 2015 and currently has over 10,200 members who all strive to thrive rather than simply survive. This is a place of growth, healing, and hope.

We welcome authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability here on our Mighty Networks extension, and we aim to find joy and purpose in our lives again by mixing together the ingredients for the special sauce of happiness-GRATITUDE and CONNECTION.  Our rules here are more relaxed than in the Facebook group, but our aim is exactly the same.

I have been helping those living with chronic conditions for the past 10 years, and I hear time and time again how this simple shift in mindset in a community setting has helped them find their smiles and become active participants in their lives again.

Living with chronic pain and illness does not need to mean "game over" when it comes to living a life that sets your soul on fire.  Join us as we learn and grow....TOGETHER.